Immediate Edge - Official Homepage (2022)

Immediate Edge: Where your crypto journey begins. Create an Immediate Edge account before it gets too late.
Immediate Edge - Official Homepage (2022)

Are your savings safe? Can you trust your bank or other major financial institutions? Are your financial details secure online? Do you think you can provide for your loved ones? No?!

No worries! Many people like you are experiencing financial insecurity in these turbulent times.

No more!

With Immediate Edge, you can access the cryptocurrency market and start your trading journey. Immediate Edge is a unique platform that connects brokers and traders, allowing initial investors to start trading with a minimum investment of $250. Bitcoin, forex, oil, gold, simply execute trades that fit your financial goals. Learn more at

Benefits of Using Immediate Edge

Trustworthy brokers

We connect you with the best broker in your field. Just make sure their services are regulated in your country and open your first live trading session today.

No hidden fees You are in complete control of your funds and the whole withdrawal process.

Low entry barriers You can start trading with a minimum deposit of $250. Just remember to invest only what you can afford to lose.

Mobile trading With the Immediate Edge app offered by our partners, you are in complete control of your trading experience. Trade even on the go!

Unique auto trading system The Immediate Edge software allows experienced traders to enjoy automated crypto trading based on their trading strategies.

User-friendly Thanks to the demo trading feature, new investors can practice till they master the art of trading.


How to Start Trading?

  • Sign up and open a trading account on the Immediate Edge platform. Your details are 100% protected.
  • You will get transferred to our brokers that will help you get started and verify your personal data.
  • Explore the Immediate Edge software and all the perks it comes with, including trading signals, market data, algorithms, and more. For beginners, a demo account may be suitable.
  • Fund your account with a minimum amount of $250, with no upper limits.
  • Start investing depending on your financial goals. From Bitcoin and altcoins to forex and commodities, pick the best asset for your portfolio.
  • Enjoy ongoing support by being part of the Immediate Edge community across the world.


The content above is for educational purposes only. We at Immediate Edge do not provide any advice or brokerage recommendations. We are simply compensated by our affiliated partners for transferring clients to reputable brokers.

You are liable for any potential losses resulting from the use of the site. Trading remains volatile and risky. You risk losing your capital.

Note that in the UK, CFD trading based on crypto assets has been banned by the Financial Conduct Authority, as per PS 20/10.