For this policy document, collective terms such as "We" and "Us" refer to the "Website," which is an aspect of the Immediate Edge Software.

"Our Services" use is dependent on every user reading and accepting the terms in this Privacy Policy. We shall process and collect data from our users as per this policy document.

The decision to reject this policy document shall exclude the user from accessing services and products on our site.

It is our right to make changes to the Privacy Policy as we deem appropriate. It is the user's right always to keep up with the changes on the site.

Personally Identifiable Information

As a company, the privacy of Personal Data is important to us. We will always take all measures to protect the data.

To access our services, we require users to provide specific data during registration. These will include names and unique financial information.

The user shall voluntarily give all information during registration. Note, the choice not to divulge some of these details may lock you out of the website's core services.

All communication shall be made through our email support.

We will not trade any Personally Identifiable Information without our user authorisation.

However, this will not be applicable when we have to comply with reasonable law enforcement requests or enforcing Anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) measures.

Generic Information

Generic information also referred to as Non-Personally-Identifiable, includes data that tracks your activity on the Website.

Generic information determines customer needs and helps us improve our services.

All generic information shall be kept separate from Personally Identifiable Information collected for better security.

Data On Public Forums and By Third-Party Sites

We might offer various communication channels, including bulletin boards, chat rooms, or other public forums to engage our users. It is the duty of the users to protect information disclosed on such platforms.

Immediate Edge website also has various links to third party websites. We have no control over such links. The user will have full responsibilities for any infringements that occur due to their interactions with such parties.

Exceptions and Limitations

As required by law, we shall comply with reasonable requests from law enforcement investigations related to any activity by the users on the website.

We are a legitimate operation, and any actions taken by users in outright fraud on our platform shall exempt them from confidentiality protections. In ensuring security for all users, we may monitor specific communication on our platform.

We may also decide to reveal specific personal information from offending parties to law enforcement.

We shall not make any explicit guarantees on your information's safety while collecting and processing personal information.

At certain times, we may disclose or sell information subject to this policy.

We shall ensure that any entity we disclose such information is in the communication sector and primarily to enhance services.

Users may be expressly notified of such disclosure and can decide to opt-out through an email request.